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Michigan's Own Esteban "Mohawk" Rodriguez looking for KO over Escoboza at BKFC 49 Miami

August 25th 2023 1:25am

Article written by Ryan Gilbert

This Friday, Michigan native Esteban Rodriguez looks to get his 3rd Finish in the BKFC Squared Circle and hopefully entering his name in the Cruiserweight Title Picture.

Mohawk is no stranger to getting his paws dirty, weather it's in a cage with gloves, or a ring going old school Bare Knuckle

Making his Combat sports debut nearly a decade ago, Mohawk looks to put a stop to 7-1 Bare Knuckle bad ass Jomi Escoboza Friday August 25th 2023

As you can see Mohawk is no slouch and is definitely a force to be reckon with in the BKFC

After going 6-1 in Amateur MMA and 1-4 as a pro

He has been an unstoppable force since ditching the gloves with not 1 but 2 knockouts inside the BKFC ring

I say it's time to get this man a contender shot if not some heavy Hardware to carry around

You can catch Esteban and the rest of BKFC 49 Miami Live on the BKFC App and Fubo TV starting at 8pm Eastern

Good Luck Mohawk

-Trippy Ink Custom Prints Owner and CEO

Ryan Gilbert

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