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Mike "The Dark Shark" Johnson: The Teeth of MMA! 🦈

Have you ever seen a shark navigate through freshwater? Well, Mike "The Dark Shark" Johnson is one such creature who has carved his path through the vast ocean of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). With fins out and jaws snapping, let’s dive deep and explore the thrilling journey of this Detroit native.


🌟 A Brief Glance at "The Shark"

Name: Mike Johnson Jr.

Nickname: "The Dark Shark" (Did we mention how much we love this?)

Age: 31 (born on May 14, 1992)

Stance: Lightweight, with occasional ventures into the Featherweight and Bantamweight classes.

Stats: Standing at 5'5" with a reach of 69.0" (Quite the wingspan for a shark, don't you think?)

Home Turf: Born and fighting out of Detroit, Michigan.

📊 Professional Career - The Big League Journeys

Fun fact: "The Shark" had his teeth tested in several different waters, not just one MMA ocean!

Mike "The Dark Shark" Johnson: The Teeth of MMA
Mike "The Dark Shark" Johnson: The Teeth of MMA

WXC (2017-2018) - It was here that our shark started his professional journey.

Record: 2 wins (67% KO/TKO) and 3 losses (2 by submission and 1 KO/TKO).

Notable Moment: Landing a decisive punch against Danny Moore in April 2017, ensuring a victory within just 3:51 of R1. What a splash!

CLIP (2018-2023) - Taking a bigger bite in a new ocean.

Mike "The Dark Shark" Johnson: The Teeth of MMA

Record: 2 wins (one KO/TKO, and one submission win with an Arm Triangle Choke) and 1 loss by strikes.

Memorable Moment: Knocking out Garrett Ross in boxing style, a “Night of Knockouts” indeed in September 2022.

🥊 Some Other Noteworthy Professional Moments:

A punchy win against Anthony Fleming in April 2022.

An unforgettable KO against Calvin Harbaugh in December 2019.

And who can forget his electrifying win in June 2018 against Darryol Humphery due to an injury.

🚫 Cancelled Bouts - Not all battles reach the cage, but our Shark was always ready!

Some missed clashes include James Pfeiffer, Taylor Moore, Tobiaus Taylor, and more.

Mike "The Dark Shark" Johnson: The Teeth of MMA
Boxing KO

🐟 Amateur Days - The Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo! 🎶

Before Mike turned into the terror of the deep waters, he was a baby shark in the world of MMA. And boy, was he fierce!

Mike "The Dark Shark" Johnson: The Teeth of MMA
Don't Scare the Kids

His amateur record shone with an impeccable trail of victories against formidable opponents like Shamone Shahid, Zach Bartelhiem, and Ryan Ishmael.

However, every journey has its lessons. Asef Askar handed Mike a loss with an Arm Triangle Choke in September 2016. But as they say, every scar makes the shark fiercer!

Oh, and there were a few battles that never saw the light of day. Buddy Poyner, Andrew Muyskens, and others were on the list, but these bouts got cancelled.

💡 Current Scenario:

"The Shark" currently ranks 1017th out of 1221 active US Pro Lightweights. He's also the 36th out of 42 active Michigan Pro Lightweights. The waters may be turbulent now, but there's always room for another bite!

🎣 In Conclusion:

From Detroit’s freshwater to the salty expanses of the MMA world, Mike "The Shark" Johnson has swum, bitten, and thrashed his way through opponents. From his amateur days to his professional leaps, every splash has been a story.

One thing's for sure, whenever "The Shark" is in the cage, you know there's going to be a feeding frenzy! So, here's to more bouts, more challenges, and more victories. Keep swimming strong, Shark! 🦈💥🥊

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