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Spotlighting Dennis " Stew Hugh" Stewart: A Comprehensive Profile

Introduction to Dennis Stewart

Welcome to our detailed profile on Dennis Stewart, an emerging name in the professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) arena. Stewart is currently building his career in the Lightweight division, showcasing his commitment and resilience in every match.

Spotlighting Dennis " Stew Hugh" Stewart: A Comprehensive Profile

Professional Record Insights

Spotlighting Dennis " Stew Hugh" Stewart: A Comprehensive Profile


Stewart possesses a professional MMA record of 0 wins and 2 losses. Though he’s experienced a couple of setbacks, these matches offer invaluable lessons that contribute to his growth and understanding of the sport.

Embarking on a Professional Journey

Stewart faced Jeremy Henry on August 11, 2023, at Motor City Cagefights 15. Although Stewart faced a loss through strikes at 1:56 in the first round, the bout against a formidable opponent like Henry, with a record of 0-1-0 and 2-0-0, provided Stewart invaluable experience in the cage. This battle allowed Stewart to understand the nuances of professional fighting and learn the strategies adopted by seasoned fighters.

Spotlighting Dennis " Stew Hugh" Stewart: A Comprehensive Profile

Lessons Learned and Experience Gained

Stewart’s matches with Kewon Burns and Angel Carrion were also significant, though they ended in a KO/TKO loss for Stewart. Each fight, each round, and each minute in the cage contributed to Stewart’s learning curve, making him a more resilient and determined fighter.

In his fight against Mario Aguilar at Motor City Cagefights 12, despite Aguilar's experience with a record of 3-3-0, Stewart showcased his skills and tenacity. Though the match ended in a loss for Stewart due to a Rear Naked Choke at 1:36 in R1, it offered him insights into areas of improvement, helping him evolve as a fighter.

Spotlighting Dennis " Stew Hugh" Stewart: A Comprehensive Profile

Weight Class Specialization

Stewart competes in the Lightweight division, weighing in at 155.0 lbs for his last match. This category allows him to leverage his speed and agility, essential attributes that enhance his performance in the cage.

Physical Attributes & Training

Height and Physical Framework

With a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175cm), Stewart enjoys a decent reach advantage over some competitors in his division. This height allows him to effectively engage with opponents, keeping them at bay with his striking while also defending against takedowns.

Spotlighting Dennis " Stew Hugh" Stewart: A Comprehensive Profile

Training and Affiliation

While details about his affiliation are not provided, it’s evident that Stewart is dedicated to his craft, consistently working to improve his techniques and overall fighting strategy. His training regimen likely involves a mix of striking, grappling, and endurance exercises to prepare for the demanding nature of MMA.

Rankings and Achievements

Stewart has earned himself a ranking, making strides in various divisions:

  • 35th out of 42 active Lightweight fighters in Michigan.

  • 24th position in the Bantamweight division within the state.

  • Nationally, he holds the 1003rd spot out of 1225 active Lightweight professionals in the United States.

  • He is also positioned at 786th in the US Bantamweight rankings.

  • In the US Midwest, Stewart is ranked 235th of 289 in the Lightweight category and 190th in the Featherweight division.

Regional Significance

In his home state of Michigan, Stewart is one of the notable fighters making waves in the Lightweight division. His ranking is testament to his dedication and the potential he exhibits in his matches.

Career Path and Future Prospects

Amateur Beginnings: Where It All Started

Stewart’s journey began much earlier, with noteworthy amateur bouts that helped shape his career. His fight against Steven Fultz, where he won through punches at 2:31 in R1, was a testament to his potential and dedication to the sport. Stewart's other amateur fights also contributed to building his foundation in MMA, preparing him for the professional arena.

The Road Ahead: Bright Prospects for Stewart

Every match is a new opportunity for learning and growth. With a spirit undeterred by losses and eyes fixed on improvement, Dennis Stewart is a name to watch out for in the MMA circuit. His journey so far is inspiring, and there's much anticipation for the matches ahead, where he'll undoubtedly continue to display his fighting spirit and skillset refined over the years.

Billing and Fight Durations

Stewart has been billed for Main Events and Main Cards, engaging in matches scheduled for both 3 and 4 rounds. He’s competed in various weight classes, including Lightweight, Welterweight, Featherweight, and Bantamweight..

Referee Engagements

Several referees have officiated his fights, including Doug Gallegos, Ansel Stewart, Brandon Gallo, and James Green, all of whom have witnessed his fighting spirit and determination first-hand.

Conclusion: Rising Star in the Making

Dennis Stewart, with his growing experience and evident potential, is undoubtedly a name to watch in the MMA Lightweight division. Though he may be early in his career, each fight contributes to his journey, enhancing his skills and strategy in the octagon. Observers and fans alike are eager to see how Stewart's career unfolds, anticipating exciting matches and significant achievements in the future.


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