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WWE pays tribute to Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt at Smackdown 8/25/2023

Saturday August 26th 2023 1:15am

Article by Ryan Gilbert

Tonight on Smackdown we saw one hell of an emotional roller coaster as WWE Superstars from Past and Present appeared on stage for a 10 bell salute for our fallen Brothers Terry Funk and Windham Rotunda

(10 Bell Salute Video Curtisy WWE YouTube Channel)

Many superstars wore some sort of Bray Wyatt inspired or Terry Funk inspired gear tonight to honor them

It was also shown an amazing tribute video to Bray wyatt (grab your tissues)

Tonight's smackdown touched me cause I got to watch this man from start to finish LITERALLY

From his Days in FCW Tag Teaming with his brother (Bo Dallas) to the bad ass Fiend Character to the AMAZING return at Extreme Rules 2022

He has definitely changed the world of professional wrestling

Now we gonna talk about a legit certified BAD ASS


He passed Wednesday night and when I say this man was insane


Words can not explain how crazy Terry Funk truly was

Terry was known mostly for his time in the Hardcore promotion ECW

As you can see in the photo above, Terry was not afraid to put his body through hell for the pleasure of the people in the arena and around the world

Mr Funk is also one of VERY FEW to work for both ECW and WWF/E

He was in the WWF as both Terry Funk and his EXTREME persona Chainsaw Charlie where he would come out weilding a chainsaw at his opponents

This week has been one hell of a emotional time for wrestling fans around the world leading up to by far the biggest wrestling show in the United Kingdom this Sunday as AEW looks to sell out Wembley Stadium for ALL IN

With that being said, let's all band together and enjoy some wrestling like these fine gentlemen would want us to

Bray and Terry, you 2 Men's legacy will live on for generations to come

And that's a fact

Also any merchandise bought of Bray Wyatt from

The money will go directly to Brays family 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

-Trippy Ink Custom Prints Owner and CEO

Ryan Gilbert

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