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An In-Depth Analysis of John Croak Jr.: On The Way Up in his Amateur Career! When Pro?

Delve into the captivating journey of John Croak Jr., a promising figure in the realm of Amateur MMA fighting. This extensive profile will elaborate on his fight records, notable achievements, and fighting style, illuminating the trajectory of this burgeoning athlete.

John Croak Jr Achievements and Statistics John Croak Jr. boasts an Amateur MMA Record that reads 8-6-0 (Win-Loss-Draw), signifying his enduring determination and fortitude in the fighting arena.

Comprehensive Fight Record

John Croak Jr Achievements and Statistics

John Croak Jr. boasts an Amateur MMA Record that reads 8-6-0 (Win-Loss-Draw), signifying his enduring determination and fortitude in the fighting arena. Although he is currently on a 2-loss streak, this minor setback hardly overshadows his earlier accomplishments and the potential he holds for future victories.

Fighting Style

John exhibits a commendable proficiency in submissions, with three wins attributed to this technique, showcasing his superior grappling skills and tactical acumen in the octagon. While decisions might not be his strong suit—evident from his three losses in this category—his continual improvement and adaptability promise an exciting future ahead.

John Croak Jr
Big Win at Ron De-Leons Show in Lansing Mi.

Regional Ranking Insights

Southeast Standings for John Croak Jr

Ranking 105th among 864 active US Southeast Amateur Lightweights, John Croak Jr. holds a commendable position in a highly competitive and talent-rich field. This rank is indicative of his hard-earned place and burgeoning reputation in the Southeast region's MMA community.

Michigan's Finest

Croak’s prowess isn’t confined to one region; he is the 13th ranked fighter among 66 active Michigan Amateur Lightweights, underscoring his significant presence and the respect he commands in the Michigan fighting circuit.

John Croak Jr

Recognition in Florida

Moreover, in Florida, he is the 36th ranked fighter among 284 active Amateur Lightweights. This standing reflects his considerable skills and the impact he has in various regional fighting communities, marking him as a fighter to watch.

Midwest Rankings

In the broader US Midwest region, John is ranked 121st among 762 active Amateur Lightweights. This position, once again, highlights his standing in the larger fighting community and his potential to climb higher with each subsequent bout.

John Croak Jr
John Croak Far Left Coach Kelly True in Front and the rest of the team ! I see you Dingo!

Highlighted Bouts

Championship Fights

John Croak Jr. has had the honor of participating in multiple title bouts, each presenting its unique challenges and opportunities. These matches were not only testaments to his skill and determination but also crucial learning experiences that have contributed to his growth as a fighter.

  • WXC Lightweight Championship: As a champion in this prominent title bout, John fought valiantly in the main card, with the match scheduled for five 3-minute rounds in the lightweight category (155 lbs).

  • Capital City Cagefights Lightweight Championship: In this event, John was the challenger for the Lightweight Championship, again fighting in the main event for five 3-minute rounds in the lightweight division.

Featherweight Bouts

John has also made significant contributions to the Featherweight division, participating in various important matches, including title bouts for the WXC Featherweight Championship and Capital City Cagefights Featherweight Championship, among others.

John Croak Jr

Upcoming Endeavors

While there is no news currently available for upcoming fights, the MMA community eagerly anticipates John Croak Jr.’s next appearance in the ring. Given his track record and continuous improvement, expectations are high for his future performances.


John Croak Jr.'s journey in the MMA world is nothing short of inspiring, marked by significant wins, learning experiences from losses, and a steady ascent in regional rankings. Keep an eye on this athlete as he carves his niche in the competitive realm of Amateur MMA, promising thrilling matches and a career that’s destined for greatness.

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