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Reese Kelly: Phenom of the Featherweight MMA Division

In the contemporary world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), fighters rise and fall, their stories often fading with time. However, a few make a mark so indelible that they redefine the very contours of the sport. Enter Reese "The Dragon" Kelly, a dynamic featherweight fighter rapidly soaring up the ranks with his unrivaled prowess and sheer determination.

Reese "The Dragon" Kelly is a professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter hailing from Detroit, Michigan.

Reese Kelly: Phenom of the Featherweight MMA Division

As of now, he has an undefeated record of 2 wins and 0 losses [1]. His position in the MMA ranking system is currently #302 in the Pro Men's Featherweight division in the United States [1].

Reese is a multifaceted fighter with many talent's. One of his talent's im extremely fond of and that's drumming. Reese told us he has been drumming since he was 8 years old and let me tell you he's smoothe as silk on the skins!

In a recent bout on April 8, 2023, Reese Kelly faced off against Garrett Sharp at the C.L.I.P.'s MMA show at the MotorCity Casino Soundboard Theater. Kelly triumphed in this match, defeating Sharp via KO/TKO at 3:10 of the first round [2].

This victory solidified his standing in the MMA world and was his second consecutive first-round finish [3].

On Instagram, he's known as "The Detroit Dragon," which aligns with his nickname in the MMA community, and his profile suggests the rapid nature of his fights, hinting that if you blink, you might miss the action [3].

A Prodigal Entry:

Undefeated Professional Record

Reese Kelly's journey into the MMA world has been nothing short of spectacular. With an impeccable professional record of 2 wins and 0 losses, his performances inside the octagon are a testament to his training and resilience. Nicknamed "The Dragon", this moniker is not merely a name but a reflection of his fiery spirit and aggressive style that has left opponents in awe and spectators at the edge of their seats.

Statistics Don't Lie: The Dragon's Tale in Numbers

Born on June 25, 1999, in the United States, Reese Kelly boasts of an impressive set of stats:

Height: Standing at 5'8" or 173 cm.

Weight: Competing in the featherweight category, his last weigh-in recorded him at 146.0 lbs.

Affiliation: Kelly's training ground is the revered Mash Gym Under Tommy Bagnasco, Warrior Way and Proving Grounds, With Branden Fracassi and Nick Bismack renowned for producing top-tier fighters. This last entry is a shout out to Reese' roots GrandMaster Willie Adams of Southfield Martial Arts Institute. "That’s where I started and have to thank for my upbringing." Reese told me in a quick text.

Fighting Base: The city of Detroit, Michigan, serves as his fighting base, adding to its rich history of producing elite fighters.

Regional Dominance: The Michigan Marvel

Kelly's regional rankings further highlight his incredible journey:

Reese Kelly: Phenom of the Featherweight MMA Division

Reese Kelly: Phenom of the Featherweight MMA Division

United States Ranking: As of October 11, 2023, he's positioned at #299.

Michigan's Pride: Reese is currently the 7th ranked fighter among 39 active Michigan Pro Featherweights, as updated on October 9, 2023.

US Midwest Status: Holding the 54th position among 234 active Pro Featherweights in the US Midwest, Kelly's reputation is rapidly growing.

In the Ring: A Glimpse of The Dragon's Battles

Kelly's bouts, both professional and amateur, are tales of strategy, skill, and stamina:

Professional Bouts:

Fought on the Main Card of C.L.I.P.'s MMA with a duration of 3 x 5-minute rounds in the featherweight category, weighing in at 146.0 lbs and 145.4 lbs in consecutive bouts, both refereed by Brandon Gallo.

Amateur Record:

Reese Kelly: Phenom of the Featherweight MMA Division

Showcased his skill on the Preliminary Card across of multiple bouts and a few main top of the card spots, each spanning 3 x 3-minute rounds in the featherweight class He finished with a 5-2 amateur record. His weigh-ins ranged from 145.0 lbs to a peak of 148.0 lbs, with referees James Lee and Chip Snider overseeing the action.

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