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The Heroic Journey of Calvin "Hero" Harbaugh: A Comprehensive Profile

Calvin Harbaugh, colloquially heralded as the "HERO" within the MMA sphere, shines brilliantly as a prodigious prowess amidst the vast tapestry of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This esteemed combatant was brought into the world on November 27, 1995, on American soil, and has, since then, fortified his stature in the combative cosmos with unyielding tenacity, acumen, and an unwavering spirit.

Uncovering the Heroic Journey of Calvin Harbaugh: A Comprehensive Profile

Professional Forays:

His commendable track record in the professional MMA circuit illuminates an equitable compilation of triumphs and tribulations. Presently, his ledger reads 6 victorious engagements juxtaposed with 5 skirmishes where he had to concede. Of these encounters, 5 conquests were achieved via submission, whilst facing defeats in 3 analogous confrontations. His latest pugilistic endeavor transpired on June 24, 2023.

Physique and Vocation Specifics:

Class of Weight: Bantamweight Last Scales Tipping: 143.9 lbs Stature: 5'8" or equivalently 173 cm Arm’s Span: 69.0" or roughly 175 cm Allegiance: Temple MMA Consortium Combat Paradigm: Freestyle Monetary Accolades: Remains Confidential

Uncovering the Heroic Journey of Calvin Harbaugh: A Comprehensive Profile
Deepwater MMA

Guidance and Tutorship:

Mentorship remains quintessential to any gladiator's ascension. Calvin hones his craft under the astute supervision of his chief mentor, Jadyson Costa. Moreover, he garners insights and instruction from luminaries such as Tara Harbaugh, Zach Cramer, and Fillup Hernandez.

Territorial Acclaims:

Calvin Harbaugh's martial finesse has bequeathed him with illustrious standings across diverse regional echelons:

  • US Northeast: He holds the distinction of being the 40th contender amidst 128 valiant US Northeast Pro Bantamweights.

  • United States at Large: On the national tableau, Calvin secures the 265th position among a staggering 979 active US Pro Bantamweights.

  • Pennsylvania: A commendable placement, Calvin occupies the 11th berth among 41 combative Pennsylvania Pro Bantamweights.

  • Michigan: Nearer his domicile, Calvin exuberantly grasps the 9th position amidst 32 vigorous Michigan Pro Bantamweights.

  • US Midwest: Expanding the horizon, he stands as the 49th challenger among 201 dauntless US Midwest Pro Bantamweights.

Uncovering the Heroic Journey of Calvin Harbaugh: A Comprehensive Profile

Fight Highlights:

The illustrious "HERO" Harbaugh has graced myriad platforms, exemplifying his expertise:

  • 247 Featherweight Championship: Headline Bout, Spanning: 3 x 5 Minute Frays, Class: Featherweight, Tip of the Scales: 143.9 lbs

  • Catchweight Duel: Premier Listing, Timeframe: 3 x 5 Minute Engagements, Classification: Catchweight, Scale Reading: 140.8 lbs

  • Penultimate Showdown: Duration: 3 x 5 Minute Contests, Weight Classification: Catchweight, Balance Point: 140.0 lbs

It's worth noting that Calvin also ventured into amateur confrontations, predominantly shining in the Bantamweight division. Oh and not to leave it out , He Loves Fishing!

Uncovering the Heroic Journey of Calvin Harbaugh: A Comprehensive Profile

Media Chronicles:

Beyond the ring, Calvin Harbaugh has seized media limelight, not merely for his fights but for his broader contributions to MMA. 247 Fighting Championships made a grand resurgence to the expansive Pittsburgh locale, underscoring Calvin's dominant aura. Furthermore, on May 16, 2021, there was a profound discourse on the tribulations and tumults MMA gladiators like Calvin navigate.


The odyssey of Calvin "HERO" Harbaugh in the MMA cosmos, delineated by his unwavering commitment, indomitable spirit, and intricate mastery, earmarks him as a pugilist par excellence. Backed by a robust tutelage framework and his allegiance to Temple MMA, the sky's the limit for this formidable fighter.

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